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To make credit card payment, kindly download and print the credit card authorization form. Duly fill in the details required and fax it to us along with a photocopy of your Credit Card (front and back), a photocopy of card holder’s passport or State ID(Driver’s license).

Note: On receipt of your fax, if in case you want to change or cancel tickets, you will be required to pay the penalty fees.*

Kindly read our complete terms and conditions before application. If you have any queries, kindly contact us via email or by phone. We are here to assist you in easing travel related worries.

*In most cases, tickets are not refundable

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Note: Please fax a photocopy of your Credit Card (front and back), and a photocopy of thecard holder's Passport or
State ID (Driver's license) to 512-777-4035 along with this form.

Passenger Name:
Card Holder Name:
Card Number:
Card Expiration Date:
Total Amount (in US Dollars):
Billing Address:
Billing State:
Billing City:
Billing Country:
Billing Zip:
Home Phone:

Office Phone:
Fax Number:
Cardholder’s Signature:

In lieu of my credit card imprint, I  , hereby authorize Trinity Travels, Inc. and/or their representative to charge my Credit Card for the amount shown above. By signing below, I acknowledge the charges described above. Payment in full to be made when billed or in accordance with the policy of the company issuing the credit card.

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